Eshanima Fabrics first started selling fabric in 1982. We are now distributing nationally & internationally, with our main focus being excellent service coupled with providing our customers with the finest fabrics at competitive prices.

Meet the Eshanima Fabrics family

Kim Nolan
Kim is probably the first person you will speak to when calling Eshanima. The enthusiasm and efficiency Kim brings to our company is unmatched, allowing Eshanima to offer our clients a world class service experience.  

Errol B. Coetzee
Since joining the company in 2001, Errol has been hugely responsible for growing the number of clients in the Western, Eastern Cape & Johannesburg. He is dedicated to providing the customer with excellent service, something Eshanima Fabrics has become synonymous for. True to Errol's spirit of service, here is his mobile number - 0845132255, he will deliver/consult 24/7.

Tinus Erasmus
His enthusiasm for fabrics and friendliness, have made Tinus a valuable asset to Eshanima Fabrics. His knowledge of the curtaining and decorating trade allow him to present our customers with sound advice and service. He usually ensures that there are no samples left to distribute, they are either at the client or in his car.

Evelyn Malebatsane
Evelyn is our sample creator. She spends most of her days carefully laying out fabrics to cut, stick and label all our sampling. She does this with the aid of a Polytex ZH Pinking Machine from Switzerland, in order to get the perfect cut every time!

Michael Payten
Michael joined us in April 2010 and has since become our Financial & Operations Manager. He has a National Diploma in Accounting and is ensuring that the finances and operations at Eshanima Fabrics are in order.

William Vergotine
William has been in the textile field for a long time. He knows Cape Town like the back of his hand and is always there to lend a hand.

Ayoob Kasu 
Like we say: "We don't go the extra mile... we go further", Ayoob makes sure fabrics are delivered to you in and around Cape Town! Ayoob has passion for cars and spends his spare time tinkering on Merc.

Elliot Mankahla
He is our silent warrior in the warehouse, but if you ask him he's sure to mention that everything is "Number 1"! :) Just like Sundowns.

Mark Steinbach
Mark has been with the company since 2004. He has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Les Roches, Switzerland. Although part German, part Swiss, Mark is proudly South African. Since joining Eshanima Fabrics, Mark has been the driving force behind the company that continues to offer new and innovative fabrics to the market.

We have agents in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Please emails us for details here.