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DELITHERM is an innovative new fabric that keeps your rooms warm and cozy in winter and cool in summer.

Despite the ever better technical progress, about 50% of the heating energy disappears through the windows in the winter. In the summer, the air conditioners are one of the main energy consumers and they represent a growing segment of our energy consumption.

The product group DELITHERM was developed in order to reduce energy cost. The softly flowing sheers and furnishing fabrics are able to both reduce the cooling cost in the summer as well as the heating cost in the winter, which was confirmed by tests of the Fraunhofer Instituts.
The inherent aluminium fibre protects both against the cold as well as the warmth and at the same time offers attractive sun protection. The fabric does without the coatings normally used in sun protection fabrics; this has a positive impact upon the properties of the fabric. All qualities are softly flowing, washable at 30 degrees centigrade.

The energy efficient properties of the fabric are always inherent, be it as a softly flowing furnishing fabric, a transparent sheer, a panel or a Rollo. All qualities are available in numerous colours and designs. Especially the sheer Alpha DELITHERM is an innovation. One can keep the window closed throughout the day in order to save energy without having to do without the daylight.


DELITHERM reflects 55% of the sun's energy.

The fabric gives shade to the room and reflects the sunlight so that the heat in the room is noticeably reduced.

The increase of the energy efficiency achieved by DELITHERM both in the summer and in the winter protects our environment; DELITHERM helps to reduce the energy consumption and thus the CO2 emissions. DELITHERM helps maintain our natural resources.

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