DELIUS  offers the suitable concept for every kind of project: flame-retardant blackout fabrics and sheers as well as furnishing and upholstery fabrics in differing designs. These give a suitable feeling of well being. Visit to view the collection.

Eshanima Fabrics carries a samples of these fabrics collections and can be viewed by appointment. 


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Energy saver for summer and winter

DELITHERM® fabrics are unique; with a soft flowing drape and attractive shine they are decorative, hard wearing yet, washable at 30°C so helping to save energy. Thanks to aluminium fibre, DELITHERM® protects your windows from excess sunshine in summer and heat loss in winter.

Improvement of Thermal Room Comfort
The Fc value depicts the reduction of heat which infiltrates into a room on warm days. A value of 0,25 means for example
that 25% of the solar energy still managed to penetrate into the room.
The energy levels 1 and 2 mean that an ideal improvement of the thermal climatic environment is offered, whereas category 5 is classified as neutral.

Fc values situated between 0,45 and 0,52 show a high improvement of thermal room comfort due to DELITHERM® products,
as is demonstrated in this VIS energy class chart:

Perfect insulation in the winter
Despite windows taking up only 10% of a building’s surface area on average and normally being well insulated these days, up to 50% of domestic heating still escapes through them. Eshanima Fabrics' has the answer; DELITHERM®. This attractive range of decorative fabrics also provides vital energy saving properties, which stop heat loss, keeps your rooms warm and saves you money; as confirmed by Germany’s highly respected Fraunhofer Institute.

A summary of DELITHERM®

• saves energy
• does not crease (nor shows any white lines as is often the case with aluminium coated materials)
• resists dirt, detergents, insects, water stains etc.
• provides protection from excessive sunshine and UV radiation
• protects against glarens
• Reduces sharp contrasts at computer work stations
• wash at 30°C for fine fabrics
• can save up to 15% of heating costs (as measured by the Fraunhofer institute)
• reflects up to 55% of incoming solar energy (as tested by the stfi)
• helps make your home comfortable, all year round