drapilux has a no compromise standard. All fabrics for hotel, healthcare, yachts and private homes are developed and manufactured in Germany. Visit www.drapilux.com to view the collections.
Eshanima Fabrics carries a samples of these fabrics collections and can be viewed by appointment. Please contact us. orders@eshanimafabrics.co.za 

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In the drapilux collection of fabrics you will discover fabrics suitable and proven to work in maritime environments, for yachts, boats and cruise ships. IMO certifications are essential here. In hotel and hospital environments intelligent finishes keep rooms fresh, looking smart and flame retardant finishes meet the highest standard world wide.  


Bioaktiv finish for home textiles.
To prevent infections being spread through textiles, it’s a good idea to use furnishing materials treated with anti-bacterial means which are able to reduce the germ count - in particular, the number of viruses which can lead to nonsocial infections, i.e. illnesses originating in a hospital. This is a particularly important factor considering that there are still no hard and fast rules as to how often curtains and screens in hospitals must be washed.". Dr. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow, MD Chairman of the Professional Association of German Hygienists (specialists for hygiene and environmental medicine)

drapilux stands for the skillful blend of aesthetics and intelligent functionality.

This was demonstrated again by the commercial application specialist with the antimicrobial additional function developed in 2004. Textiles equipped with drapilux bioaktiv fight bacteria and germs - a decisive advantage for health&care institution like hospitals or nursing homes for the elderly. Drapilux bioaktiv is the brand's reaction to the dramatic increase in infections in hospitals by multi-resistant germs (MRSA). Tiny silver ions on the textile fibre do not leave any chance to pathogens. Should bacteria encounter the textile fibres, their cell physiology will be disturbed, the metabolism of the bacteria is interrupted and it is finally destroyed. The effectiveness of drapilux bioaktiv is scientifically proven: The microbial count on the intelligent fabrics is reduced by more than 99 percent compared to textiles without added functions. Even after 50 wash cycles at 60 degrees the antimicrobial activity remains almost unchanged.