What is light fastness? - Often fabrics are rated and tested for light fastness, this is generally measured on a scale from 1-7, with 7 being considered to have the least tendency to fade. Generally polyester and solution dyed acrylic fabrics are suitable for outdoors or will withstand high exposure to sunlight.

Do we sell to the public? - No, you may gladly ask for us by name at any Interior Designer/Decorator or Fabric outlet.

What is a rub test? - This test determines how long it takes for a fabric to wear through. One method is to use the Martindale testing machine to detect after how many abrasions a hole will appear in a fabric.

Stains on Upholstery? What to do? - React quickly, get some salt and gently rub the grains into the affected area. Leave it to soak for a while. Do no scrub with a brush. Use a white or natural cloth to clean the surface to avoid colour transfer. Do not use ammonia based detergents on fabrics, they will discolour.

How often should curtains be washed? - If curtains are not dirty, there is no need to wash them. Vacuum them and leaving windows open on sunny days will suffice. If they really must be washed, contact us for information or approach a reputable cleaning company. If possible first try and wash a small piece of the fabric to see if there will be any shrinkage.