VESCOM develops, produces and distributes high quality interiors products for the international contract market: upholstery and curtain fabrics. Visit to view the collections.
Eshanima Fabrics carries a samples of these fabrics collections and can be viewed by appointment. Please contact us. 

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When you are looking for fabrics that need to perform and meet international standards for flammability, rub counts, pilling, flexibility in hotels, hospitals, restaurants and maritime applications, Vescom quite literally has you covered. Upholstery fabrics, sheers and curtaining with impressive designs and plains with vibrant colour palettes allow designers the freedom of expression.


Vinyl upholstery
Functionality and originality. Vescom vinyl upholstery distinguishes itself with this in the market. Vinyl upholstery fabrics are composed of a synthetic top layer on a cotton backing. Its weight of 800 g/m² guarantees a robust product with a long service life. It is, moreover, fire-retardant and can resist to urine, blood and perspiration stains to a high extent.

Vescom vinyl upholstery is hygienic and optimally protected against bacteria, dirt- and grease-resistant and meets the strictest hygienic safety regulations.

Care instructions for:

MOHAIR: Besides weekly vacuum cleaning, you can brush mohair fabrics with a mohair brush to brush out any dirt. Vacuum cleaning, brushing or cleaning with a cloth and luke warm water must be done in the pile direction.

WOOL: Wool is anti-static and does not attract any dirt. Wool is also water repellant. Remove any stains as quickly as possible by vacuuming the affected area and if needed dab the areas with a damp absorbent cloth. Allow to dry before vacuuming again. Seek advise before using any cleaning agents.

TREVIRA CS: Upholstery fabrics in Trevira CS are easy to clean. Water does not effect the fire retarding properties because this property is present in the yarns and is not added by finishing. You can wash or treat the fabrics with water. The fabrics dry quickly and do not loose their shape.